Quality at Instrumeter is not only a question of being flawless.

No, it is a combination of producing the right quality for the right price and time in the right place - again and again

Then, quality is most of all a question of organization.

The chain of quality is very long and must remain unbroken to function.

Product development and design, chosen by suppliers, documentation in the shape of BOM lists, manuals and descriptions of workflows, well-defined production environment - both physical and mental, motivational production, participation in the production, on-line documentation, logistic management, and an active quality- and documentation system with both internal and external auditing, are all elements that are included in the chain.

Comprehensive on-line testing programs are of course also included in the chain of quality.

A life-cycle monitoring program that reacts when components such as PC-baseboard, hard drive, memory circuits and other of the short lived PC components discontinue. That way replacement components can be obtained and incooperated into the product in time to avoid production downtime. It is also conditional to maintaining of the quality concept that is crucial if you want to be percieved as a stabil supplier in a changing market.

Due diligence? Maybe, but most certainly a part of our quality concept.

You decide where your level of quality must be, but Instrumeter have all the instruments to ensure you also get it.

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