Production at Instrumeter

In 2010 we moved Instrumeter into completely restyled fascilities in Birkeroed.

Here we have established ourselves with specially equipped production cells, which are provided with the equipment and the interior required providing a high quality production, where product and staff well-being have been taken into account.

The factory has been made into cell production consisting of 9 individual cells. All are fully equipped with tools and computer-controlled test facilities. Those 9 cells allow us great production flexibility from producing 9 different products at the same time or producing the same product in all 9 cells.

At the moment we produce around 5.000 Industrial Pcs a year ranging from series of 2.000 pcs to as low as 100 pcs. We believe that we have the capacity to an annual production of 10.000 pcs in our current location.

Around the cells different support functions are arranged, such as dust free rooms, electronic workshop, test room and R&D center.

All floors and work surfaces in the production cells is made of special anti-static materials, and the employees complies with the requirements for handling ESD-sensitive products, which means error-free electronic products.

It's not enough the electronics are alright. It's equally important that those who handle it on a daily basis are well too. So our interior is light and airy with air condition that controls temperature, replacement of air and humidity for maximum comfort.

We also have a program with pauses and breaks to ensure that the workers who assemble your products never are tired and inattentive. Through correct placement of storage and production in relation to each other we have also secured a smooth flow of components, semi-manufactured products and finished products as possible.

The handling, from we receive components through production to packing and shipping, has been made as simple as possible and through massive use of carts and lifting equipment we have eliminated all physically demanding work. This allows efficient production and hence powerful prices.

It's not a goal in itself just spraying out products, it must also be appropriate. The close cooperation we have with our suppliers, combined with our flexible production, makes it possible to offer just-in-time deliveries down to daily deliveries to your address with 2 hours’ notice. The efficient product flow with the minimum buffer stock so far down the supply-chain as possible, limit the finance needs - and therefore your price.

We also have the option of computer-controlled production with continuous quality documentation and traceability of both single components and batch.

If you have an ISO or other certified quality system, our production can be part of your certification.

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