Product life cycle support at Instrumeter

When you use PC technology as an integrated part of your machines, one of the biggest problems is that machines are often produced unchanged for more than 10 years before they are replaced by a new model.


Most PC components, however, live 3 years at most before they are replaced with a new, bigger and faster version. It makes it necessary to at least be able to adjust the construction of the imbedded Industrial PC, so on the outside it looks as the original design in spite of the new components within. It has to be able to run your software on the original platform for the 10 year duration you produce your machine.


Because a lot of machines has a life span from 30 up to 100 years, it is also necessary to be able to produce compatible industrial pcs, both as spare parts but also for renovation for otherwise well-functioning machines.

Our oldest Industrial pc construction, that still can be delivered, is over 20 years old and for marine usage - the mechanics are the same but all the electronics have been switched, several times even.

When the earth quake and the following tsunami washed over Japan in the winter of 2011, it had big consequences for the availability of certain electronic components. Among other things the 10" LCD-display one of our medico customers uses, could suddenly not be delivered anymore.

So now we were suddenly in a hurry, because we had to find a replacement screen that was still produced and with capacity to meet our needs. But not only that, we also had to bring home samples, so we could build a new prototype with the necessary changes to run with the new screen. It turned out that we had to change the mechanics, inverter and LVDS prints.

Our partners took care of their part as the AKS-Poland changed the mechanical design from day to day, while our print providers speed manufactured the necessary prototype print of our new print layout.

The prototype was tested and approved by our customer, we made a new documentation and enabled a change message through our customer's quality management system, at the same time as our purchasing and logistics department had secured supplies of the all new components in production quantities.

We complied with the time window that was available, and there was not a single day's interruption of production.

We call it "Product Life Cycle Support" and perceive it as a necessary and natural part of the responsibilities we accept by outsourcing. So you can concentrate your resources and on what you're good at, while we take care of the PC.

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