Development is a core concept in Instrumeter.

We live by producing electronic hardware as subcontractor for the Danish Industry, but we can't produce what doesn't exist.

That is why developing our hardware with you and your development department until reaching a solution to your problem is a definite must.

For that aspect we have both a full PC- development department and a well-equipped mechanical work shop, that are dedicated towards cooperating with our clients/customers (You?) in finding the right solution to the posed task.

We are anxious to reach a solution that solves your issue and is cheapest possible. That being without any unusable spare parts but still is secured for the future, energy efficient and can be satisfactorily produced and not least is mechanically optimal.

When we start a new assignment the slate is principally clean. We however gladly use the experience we've accumulated through time. That way we won't be reinventing the wheel.

We have a portfolio with different PC-platforms that we can use as our advantage when the solution is just adjusting one of these for the new assignment.

Therefore we are usually capable of offering a customer-specific solution and still guarantee a reliability which has already been proven through years of deliveries.

In spite of our development facilities Instrumeter is not a development company. We can only take on jobs that lead to subsequent production.​​

In return the price of developing a solution with will be remarkably lower, because we ourselves are interested in investing in our production.

For us development is also helping you developing your business. Then switching to outsourcing will provide maximum yield.

Not only do we produce but we also handle logistics, quality control/- documentation, traceability and ongoing technological optimizing against the supply of components on the market.

We also ensure your software is able to function in the hardware for decades even though the original components long since have been discontinued.

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