Design is an important product parameter at Instrumeter.

​Without design the product become clumsy, and there is no correlation between function and appearance. We distinguish between 3 kinds of design.

Visible design, Invisible design and Embedded design.

Visible design.

The visible design will often be a part of your own design on your machine. The design and size of the touch screen, which often is the users interface.

But it can also be the design and access to plugs and connectors for connection of equipment, functional access for service and maintenance.

Invisible design.

It typically consists of establishing an optimal interface, to ensure mechanically stabile construction, to provide for easy replacement of modules, etc.. during service, and finally, to provide resilience to EMC both inbound and outbound.

Embedded design.

Moreover, it is obvious to in-designing efficient production and integrated testing and testing facilities, and the possibility of traceability and quality management.

Finally the embedded design influences delivery times, and there by also storage costs and flexibility to the need for change.

Instrumeter actively participates in all these forms of design in close cooperation with our partners, customers and suppliers.

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