We can make your ideas come true.

​Today you create a machine* which you live off from selling around the world. In your machine you use a touch PC to maintain the contact between the machine and the user... or you would very much like to.

This is where Instrumeter can help, by either create it from scratch or redesign a PC that fits perfectly as an integrated part of your machine. After that we can produce your PC at our electronic factory in Birkeroed. Both effectively, flexibly and affordable.

We produce your PC as a turnkey unit and deliver as you prefer (day-to-day from buffer storage, just in time, bulk etc.) while You create the software needed to make your machine function optimally.

We expect your machine, to be able to be produced the next 10 years, and we can ensure your usage of that same PC in that timeframe. We stay up to date with the technological developments, and adapt your PC to the new components, and still have it function as originally agreed upon.

That is what we do.

*blood gas analysis-, ice cream-, harvest-, navigation-, transport-, logging-, contractor-, graphical-, info-, dosage-, bacterial analysis- and fire trucks are all examples of machines.

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