Instrumeter is a small Danish electronic factory.

We produce Industrial PCs for the Danish Industry.

Situated in Birkerød we have a close relationship with the Danish Industry, and a great flexibility towards our customers.

  • The closeness means, that we are easy to communicate with, and the path from idea to working prototype is short.
  • The Flexibility provides easy and fast adaptation to your reality.

  • Rush deliveries can be executed with short notice, and should an Industrial PC be defective, there won't be three containers on their way with the same error

Both our Industrial PC Production and Our Design are Danish.

Our Design is likewise Your Design - we always develop your Industrial PC with you, that way it will perfectly match your machine.

For this use we have an electronic developing department and a mechanic model shop in the Birkerød factory.

Therefore we can, in a very short timeframe, produce both prototypes and pilot runs, that are mecanical as well as electrical identical with the final Industrial PC.

Instrumeter has been subcontractor of electronic hardware for the Danish Industry for more than 25 years.

Today we have a completely modern, up-to-date production and test facilities. The air conditioned and humidity regulated production rooms mounted with special antistatic floors and tables, gives great EMC safety and therefore a low margin of error and a long durability in our products.

This combined with dust free rooms and modern computer-controlled test facilities, ensures the best possible profit of your investment in Imstrumeter as subcontractor and outsourcing partner.

We call it OEM-quality.

We call it OEM-design.

We call it OEM-production.

​Instrumeter A/S | Toftebakken 7 | 3460 Birkerød | Denmark | Phone +45 45 50 58 10 | Fax. 45 5​0 58 11 | | VAT 16992135